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Spooky Party

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Dear parents and students,

For Tuesday 31st ONLY students are to come wearing Spooky, fancy dress costumes or casual clothes (but this is only as a last resort). It is important that:

· no pointed accessories are allowed (such as swords, guns, arrows, pointed horns, fangs, etc.);

· no full-face masks are allowed;

· face painting is allowed, and nail polish is allowed (but no fake nails are allowed);

· hair colour is allowed and so are wigs;

· students bring their normal school bag and books for only 1st to 3rd lesson, as all Junior students will be having their 1st to the 3rd lessons as normal;

· parents are reminded that the after-school programme will be running as normal on the day;

· students attending the after-school sessions will be allowed to change from their costume before their respective activity; and

· students are to bring a snack and water bottle for the day, as party food will be given during their respective class parties.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Edwina