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Junior 6 – Revision

Dear Junior 6 students,

As you all know I have given you two tasks for the holidays.

The first one is to work out the handouts below:

Reversible and Irreversible changes handout 4

I have attached a copy here for those who were absent. The answers to the questions are attached however; if you find any difficulties with any of the questions please come and look for me after the holidays.

The second homework is the Bake a Cake experiment.

Remember to look at powerschool for more information about this.


Happy Holidays

Ms. Edwina


6 thoughts on “Junior 6 – Revision

  1. Dear Ms Edwina,

    Regarding the homework for the holiday. We haven’t seen any info on Power School yet. Kindly give us more details about the homework. Alysa mentioned to me that the handout is optional, can you confirm this please? Any further details about the bake experiment would be very much appreciated too.

    Thank you!
    Alina Cordos- Alysa’s mom, Junior 6B


    1. Dear Alysa,

      This is what you need to do:

      Bake a cake to see the changes that happen. Please make sure you use a sieve and to write down the following:
      1) The name of the cake
      2) The ingredients used and the amount
      3) The method (include the sieve and any other separating technique)
      4) Take pictures of the following: the ingredients; the equipment (such as a sieve); the mixture before it enters the oven and the mixture after baked.
      5) Conclusion – what happened to the cake – reversible or irreversible? Why?


  2. Dear Ms Edwina,

    With regards to the Bake a cake project, can Ben bring the cake to share with his friends on Monday (during PA lesson), please? He will be baking it on Sunday, so it won’t be fresh till Friday.



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