Hello Everyone,

This is my fifth year here at St. Catherine’s High School. This year I shall be teaching Science to the Junior 4,5 and 6 and Performing Arts to the Junior 5s and 6s. I’m looking forward to start off the year in order to meet my new students and to also reunite with last years students once again!!

Something about ME: I completed a University Degree as Bachelor of Education in the Primary Sector. I love any form of creative arts especially dance and studied dance at the College of Jazz. I have also directed and wrote a number of scripts at the Salesian Youth Center for youngster between the ages of seven and thirty. I love reading and watching series on Television. I worked in Flutterby for four years before eventually moving on to university.  My hobbies are reading, cooking and watching series on Television. I also love the outdoors and love to watch sunsets and gaze at the stars.

What I believe in: I have been teaching children for the past 16 years and have loved every second of it as children are such inspirational beings, every child is unique in his/her way. I tend to learn a lot from them and believe it is very important to let them flourish and expand upon their own knowledge assisting them and guiding them throughout their journey here at school.

On a final note … My aim is not only to teach  children knowledge but to inspire them in becoming great thinkers and researchers themselves, to expand on their own knowledge and invest in what I call, life-long learning education.


2 thoughts on “About

    1. Steve, you had all week to do your journal. Try and do your journal without using your student book. You should have your notes and PPTs saved from my blog.


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