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Simplifying Fractions – Junior 4

Today we worked a little bit more on simplifying fractions. The concept has been grasped by most students. The most important thing is that students study the tables by heart. I cannot insist more on this as this will hinder their learning and makes them frustrated when they want to try out the concept but find it hard because of their tables.

I took today’s school work and homework from the below sheets attached.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Feel free to use them and give them out to your children again as revision.

Happy Weekend

Ms. Edwina

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Equivalent Fractions – Simplifying Fractions – Junior 4s

Dear parents,

Today we worked on simplifying fractions after revising equivalent fractions. The idea behind this is for the children to learn how to use their tables and cancel fractions to their lowest terms.

Please make sure that they know the 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 times table well at this stage. We are working on the 7 and 8 in class. Since a lot of students were missing today, I will dedicate more time tomorrow on this so we won’t be working on problems this week.

Students who were absent today are kindly asked to come to the staff room tomorrow during first break so that I can go through the above with them.

I am posting this link:

There are a number of free worksheets here for the children to practice at home. Feel free to print any of the sheets and to send them to me for correction. (Answer sheets are also included however do feel free to send them over for me to see.)

Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina

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Maths – Junior 4

Dear Parents,

Today, we worked on rounding to the nearest 10/100 and doubling and halving as they were two common mistakes in the revision sheets. I sent the paper home for them to look at their mistakes and write the correct answers on their copybook (Maths 2) for tomorrow. Please send the papers back to school tomorrow. The paper will be kept in their red folder.

Tomorrow is Multiplication Fun Day – The children will be divided into groups and will be given a number of tasks to work out using multiplication.

In the meantime, I will send an email to each of you individually stating which topics your child should revise in the coming weeks. I will also attach a set of worksheets with answer sheets to help them gain more confidence and practice. You should receive an email in the coming days. Please let me know if you do not get the email with feedback after next Monday.

Kind regards

Ms. Edwina

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Maths – Junior 4s

Dear Parents,

Today, i tested the children on certain concepts covered in term 1 and 2. I have corrected their work and children seem on the right track with just a couple of errors in certain areas. Tomorrow we will point out mistakes and will send everything home for correction. In the meantime I am attaching the paper given here:

Maths Revision

I will prepare an individual programme for them as we go along and ever week send extra worksheets or links in the areas they need more practice.

Please note:

Maths 1 -will be now be used for SW – this will be left at school for us to use in class.

Maths 2 – will be now be used for HW

Maths 3 – will be now be referred to as Fun Copybook (multiplication + problems)

Notes will be given to students and placed in their red folder and will be sent home from time to time for you to see their progress.

Wishing you all a lovely afternoon,

Ms. Edwina

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Maths – Junior 4 – Timetable

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Here is a breakdown of how Math lessons will be delivered in the coming months.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – On the following days I will work on new concepts. Every week or so we shall focus on one concept and drill as much as possible. For example: Measurements; we will look at the different ways on how to measure things and practice that first. We shall then look closely at the units and learn how to convert each unit. We shall practice our addition and subtraction through measurement.

Wednesday – Since this is no homework day, I have decided to dedicate this day to tables. We all know how important tables are and children learn these through repetition and drilling therefore I have prepared a number of games, cards, tablet activities and handouts for the children to practice their tables.

Friday – I shall dedicate this day to solving problems. Children will be given a number of problems to solve using addition, subtraction and multiplication (later on we shall also add division problems). Problem solving is extremely important at this stage so we will make sure the children will learn how to reason things out, write correct statements and use the four basic operators.

I will shortly upload the topics that I shall be covering in the coming weeks in order for you to consolidated their learning at home.

Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me.



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Maths – Junior 4s

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Dear Parents,

I can imagine your worries and disappointments however, please know that I shall do my utmost to help our little learners.

I would like to share with you my way forward.

Step 1: I will be preparing a handout this coming weekend to test the children’s competence and knowledge in areas covered so far. I will look for gaps in the their learning and focus on that first. Once we consolidated all this we can move forward.

Step 2: I will pass on a list of topics which we shall be covering after testing the children.

Step 3: I will update the blog regularly to keep you updated with any new methods or explanations given out in class.

Step 4: It is very important the children drill multiplications. I will give them a list of what they need to know at this level.

Please feel free to contact me any time through email should any problems arise. In the meantime I look forward to share some mathematical knowledge with your little ones.

Thank you

Ms. Edwina