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Attention Junior 6 Girls

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Dear Students,

I am currently in the process of purchasing your costume. You all need a pair of black leggings. Before purchasing them, I would like to see whether you already have one at home. Maybe one we used last year?

If you do have a pair of black leggings could you kindly bring it with you on Monday to school. I will purchase one for those who don’t have one later on 🙂


Ms. Edwina

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🐔🐴🦋🐢Tomorrow 🙊🐮🐷🐶

Dear parents and students,Kindly read the following information about the Animal Themed Multi Activity Marathon which is going to be held tomorrow:

 • All students are invited, for this day only, to participate in the Purple for Paws cause. Students are permitted to wear casual clothing, in addition to wearing at least one purple item as a gesture of solidarity against animal abuse. The students will be wearing casual clothes for the duration of the day, so they need not wear their school uniform nor bring it to school on this day only. Moreover, the after-school programme will be running as normal on the day.

 • Students must bring a small back pack with their lunch and enough drink.

 • The event will not take place if the weather is not permitting. Students are therefore still expected to bring with them their books for the Tuesday timetable.

 •  Tomorrow students  are still required to bring any assigned H.W.

  • Junior 3s and 4s need to bring a set of colours with them for activities.
  • Junior 5s and 6s need their pencil case for the activities.


Ms Edwina

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Christmas Concert – Costumes

ATTENTION: Junior 4s, 5s, 6s

Dear Parents,

We have now chosen the costumes for the concert and are therefore asking parents to send over the sum of 25 euros to cover expenses. All expenses shall be posted on the blog for your perusal. May I kindly point out that some students will be given change after the orders have been placed as we will know by then the exact cost including shipping.

I would also like to point out that not all students will be having the same costume, therefore the price might differ from one class to another. However, as stated above, all receipts and invoices shall be posted for your perusal.

Please send money (25euros) in a sealed envelope addressed to your class teacher by not later than Friday 10th November.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina


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Spooky Party

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Dear parents and students,

For Tuesday 31st ONLY students are to come wearing Spooky, fancy dress costumes or casual clothes (but this is only as a last resort). It is important that:

· no pointed accessories are allowed (such as swords, guns, arrows, pointed horns, fangs, etc.);

· no full-face masks are allowed;

· face painting is allowed, and nail polish is allowed (but no fake nails are allowed);

· hair colour is allowed and so are wigs;

· students bring their normal school bag and books for only 1st to 3rd lesson, as all Junior students will be having their 1st to the 3rd lessons as normal;

· parents are reminded that the after-school programme will be running as normal on the day;

· students attending the after-school sessions will be allowed to change from their costume before their respective activity; and

· students are to bring a snack and water bottle for the day, as party food will be given during their respective class parties.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Edwina

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Parents’ Conferences 2017-2018

Dear Parents,

I am attaching the list with times for Novembers’ parents’ conferences. The students have been given a paper with all the information. If anyone can’t make it at that time, parents’ are kindly asked to swap times between themselves. Kindly let me know with any changes so that I can inform SMT.

Kindly send any changes on

Parents Appointments 2017-2018


Ms. Edwina