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Continuation Ceremony – Junior 4s

Dear Parents,

May I remind you about our Continuation Ceremony held at school on:

Monday 25th at 11.30am

Parents are encouraged to join in during this important day for our little ones 🙂


Ms. Edwina

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To my dear students…

Image result for good luck for your exams

Dear Student,

I know how smart you are and how hard you have been working to do well in your exams.

I am so proud of you!

I believe in you and in your ability to show the world what a smart kid you are.

Do your very best… because in the end that is all that matters.


Ms. Edwina x

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Kahoot Revision

Dear Parents,

As some of you might have heard we had some revision sessions using kahoot. For those of you who are not familiar with this app, Kahoot is a very good tool to use in the classroom to help learners revise in a fun and interactive way. You can easily download kahoot at home on any laptop.

Create a log in account for your children and in the search engine type in missedwina. A list of quizzes will come up and you can choose the appropriate one. Moreover you can search for other ready made quizzes or better create one yourself.

For Maths, I found some ready ones which were very good. Just type in Maths problem solving or a key word such as fractions and then select a suitable one for your child.

All you need to do is ask your child to scan the lesson on their tablet and enter Kahoot. Enjoy playing and revising a number of topics discussed this year 🙂


Ms Edwina

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Pencil case – Exams

Image result for pencil case and stationery

Dear parents,

Please make sure that students have the following in their pencil case during exams.

  • 2 sharpened pencils
  • 2 pens (black or blue)
  • Rubber
  • ruler
  • tippex (mouse)
  • pencil colours
  • packet of tissues (small)

They allowed to keep their water bottle next to their desk and a reading book is also allowed for both Science and Maths.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina

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Maths – Junior 4s

Dear Parents,

I have NOT given any homework today as we worked very hard in class on different challenges. I am attaching the worksheets here. Please feel free to download and print them. I am attaching them in word format so if you’d like you can edit the papers and give them different numbers to work out. Please note that the paper is very close to what I have attached here. This should make it easier for our young ones as they familiarise themselves with the way the paper looks 🙂

Feel free to send any handouts for correction.

Challenge on ml and l

Maths Revision – Exam revision


Ms. Edwina



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Maths Revision for the holidays

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Dear Parents,
Here is a list of exercises to work out during the holidays with your children.
Pupil Book 4A –
Page 6 challenge 2. no.1 a,b
Page 22 challenge 1. a-f
Page 23 challenge 1. a-f
Page 29 challenge 3 a, b, c (add only, do not estimate)
Page 32 challenge 2 no. 1 a,b and challenge 3 no.1 d,e
Page 33 challenge 1 a,b,h
Page 34 challenge 2. no.1 a,b,c
Page 36 challenge 2. no. 2 a,b
Page 39 challenge 1 a,b,c
Page 51 challenge 1 a,b

Pupil Book 4A can be kept at home for studying. Homework is to be done on Maths copybook preferably in pen. Use pencil for lines and crossing out mistakes.

The homework will be collected on Monday 11th June.


Ms. Edwina

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Maths – Division

Dear Parents,

I am aware that some of you have queries about division. The only exercise that has some sort of division is the following:

2/6  of 24 =

I know they have already covered this with previous teachers however some students still find difficulty on how to work it. I have given them this explanation and sharing it with you to help them practice at home. (Mind you, you can use any method you like, this is just a helping hand for the ones who can’t seem to get it.


So, first we draw a boat.


The denominator (in this case the 6) is the captain of the boat so he sits in front.


The passengers sit inside the boat.


Using their tables they figure out that that 4 is the answer.

They go back to the equation. Cross of the 6 and cross off the 24 and write 4.

The of changes into X and they work out a normal multiplication 2 X 4 = 8

They seem to have understood the method and enjoy creating the boat idea so feel free to use this. At this stage, we shall only use division here this year. No other exercises will have any division, long division or long multiplication.


Ms. Edwina