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Junior 6s PA Show

Hello everyone,

The BIG day has arrived and I’m sure you are all very excited and eager for tomorrow. You have all worked so hard and I’m really proud to say that you have all pushed yourself to reach such high standards. I am very excited to see you perform tomorrow.

Remember to bring all your costumes and props with you and to come to school wearing your school uniform. You can change at school. You can bring make up along as long as you get wipes to remove it after the show.

Make sure your costumes are not too short or too tight. Girls are not allowed to wear short skirts or shorts and please no crop tops or belly buttons showing.

Thank you parents for helping your children prepare for this special day. We promise to present tomorrow’s show in term 3 for all of you to see.

Show starts at 8am so please make sure that you don’t arrive late to school tomorrow.

Break a leg everyone x

One very proud teacher!

Ms Edwina

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Science show for students

To whom this may concern,

The festival team behind Science in the City will be hosting a group of spanish science comedians (the Big Van Science) in a series of two shows, one for children and one for adults.

We were wondering whether it would be possible for your school to use its channels to forward some information about the children’s event to the students and/or their parents.

The show, Clowntifics, which will be held next Sunday 11th March between 4:30-5:30pm at Teatru Salesjan, is targeted at children aged 4-11 and will feature onstage experiments in which the audience gets to take part.

This year topics such as the chemistry of glow in the dark chemicals, climate change and the physics of movement will be tackled! More information can be found on our Facebook event or on the ticket selling platform Eventbrite.

Attached you can find a few photos of the group along with the poster. Feel free to print copies to hand out to the students or to forward this information to the parents via email. We appreciate your help in spreading the word about the event.

Best regards,

Abigail Galea

The Science in the City team

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FYI – Book Orders

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With reference to the Merlin Publishers Leaflet and Order Form distributed a few weeks ago, please note that the deadline for orders is Friday 16th March. No orders will be accepted after this date.


Marguerite Agius

Junior School Director

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Money back – Christmas Concert Costumes

Dear Parents,

As you are aware we still haven’t distributed back the money left from the Christmas concert. This is only because we were still waiting for certain items which were ordered to be re-sent and given a full refund. The Junior 4 and 5 girls had their costumes lost or arrived late therefore we had to send them back and wait for a refund.

I would like all parents to collect the money from my classroom during parents’ day.

I will prepare each child’s envelope with their name on it to facilitate things better.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina

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Good luck 🍀👍

Dear Students,

Unfortunately I have been unwell for the past couple of days and need more rest. However; should you have any questions or queries about anything do contact me through the blog or via email.

In the meantime I would like to wish you all the very best of luck. Remember to keep calm and answer all questions even if you’re not sure of the answers. On a final note; as i always tell you… exams are not the end of the world… the important thing is that you try/give your very best!

Big hug!

Ms Edwina

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Exams – Science

Dear Parents,

May I remind you to check previous posts for study lists and powerpoints to help with your studies. I will be giving out a sample paper in the coming weeks to guide you better. Please note that the Junior 4s will not have a formal exam now. I will present a revision quiz instead using Kahoot.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina