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Junior 6 – Science

Dear Students,

We have now entered the world of biology and you all seem very interested and eager to learn about the human body. Here are some links to help you understand a bit better.

Major Organs Notes



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Junior 6 – Revision

Dear Junior 6 students,

As you all know I have given you two tasks for the holidays.

The first one is to work out the handouts below:

Reversible and Irreversible changes handout 4

I have attached a copy here for those who were absent. The answers to the questions are attached however; if you find any difficulties with any of the questions please come and look for me after the holidays.

The second homework is the Bake a Cake experiment.

Remember to look at powerschool for more information about this.


Happy Holidays

Ms. Edwina

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How to write my journal – Junior 5’s 6’s

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Dear students/parents,

I would like to outline some points with regards to writing the journal. Please note that this exercise is given to students to help them revise the topic/s previously covered.

Here are some guidelines to help you:

  1. Date, unit number (1.2, 1.4, etc…) and unit name.
  2. Key words – write down all the keywords covered. Make sure you include the ones we spoke about in class too. Normally, all key words are listed on powerpoints uploaded here or in the case of the junior 6, on their science notebook.
  3. Explain the key words. You can use the glossary at the back of the book for some guidance. DO NOT COPY word by word from the book or internet.
  4. I have learnt section – this section can be written in point form. Students need to write down what they remember from the lesson. What did they learn? What were the important things discussed? They can use both their books and PPTs to help them with this section. DO NOT COPY word by word from the book or internet. I want to read what YOU have understood.
  5. At the end you can add any important diagrams/pictures/tables.

I hope this will help you better when updating your journal. Marks are based on the above criteria so please follow them.

Let me know should you need any further explanation.

Ms. Edwina