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Science – Junior 6 – Exams

Dear Parents/Students,

As exams are approaching I am sure you would like to start some revision. Here are some ppts and past papers to help you with your revision.

Introduction to Digestion

The Circulatory System

The Nervous System

Major Organs Notes

Junior 6 – Annual Exam

annual exam 2016 Junior 6

Easter Revision – Junior 6

Science Revision questions 2

Science Revision questions


Ms. Edwina

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Junior 6 – Revision

Dear Junior 6 students,

As you all know I have given you two tasks for the holidays.

The first one is to work out the handouts below:

Reversible and Irreversible changes handout 4

I have attached a copy here for those who were absent. The answers to the questions are attached however; if you find any difficulties with any of the questions please come and look for me after the holidays.

The second homework is the Bake a Cake experiment.

Remember to look at powerschool for more information about this.


Happy Holidays

Ms. Edwina