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Junior 6 – Food Chains/Webs – PPTs

Food Chains

Food Web and Predator and Prey

Producers, consumers and Decomposers

Dear Junior 6,

I have uploaded the powerpoints used during the lesson to help you with your revision.

Remember you do not need to study things by heart but rather understand the concepts and give meaning to the key words.

Best of luck,

Ms. Edwina

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How to write my journal – Junior 5’s 6’s

Image result for journal

Dear students/parents,

I would like to outline some points with regards to writing the journal. Please note that this exercise is given to students to help them revise the topic/s previously covered.

Here are some guidelines to help you:

  1. Date, unit number (1.2, 1.4, etc…) and unit name.
  2. Key words – write down all the keywords covered. Make sure you include the ones we spoke about in class too. Normally, all key words are listed on powerpoints uploaded here or in the case of the junior 6, on their science notebook.
  3. Explain the key words. You can use the glossary at the back of the book for some guidance. DO NOT COPY word by word from the book or internet.
  4. I have learnt section – this section can be written in point form. Students need to write down what they remember from the lesson. What did they learn? What were the important things discussed? They can use both their books and PPTs to help them with this section. DO NOT COPY word by word from the book or internet. I want to read what YOU have understood.
  5. At the end you can add any important diagrams/pictures/tables.

I hope this will help you better when updating your journal. Marks are based on the above criteria so please follow them.

Let me know should you need any further explanation.

Ms. Edwina

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Sample Papers – Junior 5 and 6

Image result for sample papersJunior 6 – Sample paper – Half Yearly

Junior 5 – Sample paper – half yearly exam

Junior 6 – Half Yearly Exam Sample

Junior 5 – Half Yearly Exam 2017

Dear students and parents,

I am uploading some sample papers for you to have a look at the setting of the paper. Feel free to print them out and work them as revision. May I remind you that some things are different as some topics might have changed over the years. Hope this will help you with your revision.

I will be dedicating the last week before the exam for revision. So if there is something you would like to discuss let me know and we can revise that during that week.

Remember you can send me your queries on and I will be happy to help you out.


Ms Edwina

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Junior 6 – Study list & PPTs

Dear Parents & Students,

I am uploading the study list and PPTs that need to be studied for the half yearly exam. Please make sure that all your books are taken home to prepare some revision during the Christmas holidays.

Although, I have attached a copy of the study list, you will realise that we haven’t covered all the topics as yet. However, we shall be covering all the topics on the list by the end of January.

List of PPTs from the beginning of the year. 

electric circuits

Thomas Edison – General Information


Inside a plug

Study List:

Study list 2017-2018 – Junior 6

Happy Holidays to all 🙂


Ms. Edwina

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Junior 6 – Thomas Edison Homework

Image result for thomas edison

The first lightbulb had been created years ago but a famous inventor improved on this invention and created the first electric light bulb. Who was this inventor? What did he invent besides the light bulb? What materials were used to create this electric light bulb? In your own words write all you know about this famous inventor.


Answer this question on your project book. Remember to break down the question to answer all the parts. Please write all information in your own words and do not copy from the internet. Use your science notebook, PPT and videos to help you with your answers.

You are allowed to type your answer but please make sure that you stick it onto your project book. You are also allowed to stick pictures if you like.


Ms. Edwina

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Attention Junior 5s :)

Image result

Dear Parents,

It’s now time to measure some of our body parts. Could you kindly send over a measuring tape next week so that students can use it as a tool.

Junior 5A – 27th October

Junior 5B – 25th October


Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina