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Maths – Junior 4

Dear Parents,

Students seems to have grasped the concept of fractions therefore I will move on to decimals tomorrow. I will send some revision sheets regarding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions on Friday. Please feel free to work them out and send them in at your convenience.

I won’t be at school on Friday and Monday due to the PGL trip however another teacher will replace me and i have already prepared all the work for the kids.

Multiplication Fun Day was great today. Students worked at different levels with different tables. Please practice tables at home.

Thank you,

Ms Edwina

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Dear parents and students,

Today we celebrated World Book Day with a series of activities and visits from renowned local authors. The book club, in preparation for this event, have been working very hard to put together a magazine to commemorate this occasion. I am pleased to announce that this magazine (in colour) is going to be available for sale as from tomorrow at the price of 1.10 euro (for Juniors 4,5 and 6). The magazine has been put together mainly by the students themselves – it contains puzzles, book reviews, illustrations and a couple of surprises!

I encourage all students from Juniors 4,5 and 6 to purchase a copy. It is a great way of getting to know some new authors and books as well as a way of showing support to the students of the Book Club who have been working hard on this project over the last couple of months.

Thanks in advance,

Ms. Lorraine & Ms. Cetty

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Simplifying Fractions – Junior 4

Today we worked a little bit more on simplifying fractions. The concept has been grasped by most students. The most important thing is that students study the tables by heart. I cannot insist more on this as this will hinder their learning and makes them frustrated when they want to try out the concept but find it hard because of their tables.

I took today’s school work and homework from the below sheets attached.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Feel free to use them and give them out to your children again as revision.

Happy Weekend

Ms. Edwina

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Equivalent Fractions – Simplifying Fractions – Junior 4s

Dear parents,

Today we worked on simplifying fractions after revising equivalent fractions. The idea behind this is for the children to learn how to use their tables and cancel fractions to their lowest terms.

Please make sure that they know the 2,3,4,5,6 and 10 times table well at this stage. We are working on the 7 and 8 in class. Since a lot of students were missing today, I will dedicate more time tomorrow on this so we won’t be working on problems this week.

Students who were absent today are kindly asked to come to the staff room tomorrow during first break so that I can go through the above with them.

I am posting this link:

There are a number of free worksheets here for the children to practice at home. Feel free to print any of the sheets and to send them to me for correction. (Answer sheets are also included however do feel free to send them over for me to see.)

Thank you for your kind attention.

Ms. Edwina

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Junior 5 – Introduction to Circuits

Dear Students,

Today, we started our new topic Circuits. This year we are going to tackle the basic ideas and learn how to build a simple circuit. I am attaching the PPT used today and the video. Please remember to get all your circuit components in a small plastic box labelled on the days given to you during the lesson.

Circuits – Junior 5

Here are some videos to help you understand better.

The last video only up to 2.45 as we won’t be covering series and parallel circuits this year.

Thank you all for your kind attention,

Ms. Edwina